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• 7/22/2018

Day 5 Reward/ Immunity Challenge Results

I have the results! The tribe winning reward and immunity is.........
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• 11/27/2017

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• 12/5/2016

Day 39 - Final Tribal Council RESULTS

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here live to announce the Winner of Survivor: de Noronha - Blood vs Water!!!
We got a full house here tonight, and everyone is ready to know who will claim the title of Sole Survivor!
Let's crown our winner! Andrea, Matt, Orange...

You three have battled and clawed your way here after 39 grueling days and it all comes down to this. Tonight one of you will be rewarded with the title of Sole Survivor...Now, we have seven votes here. Tonight, you want to see your name written down. I'll read the first vote...That's one vote Andrea and one vote Orange. I'll read the next vote...And the Winner of Survivor: de Noronha - Blood vs Water, by a vote of 6-1-0, is...

Congratulations Andrea! You have been crowned the Sole Survivor of de Noronha - Blood vs Water!Martynas, Isaac and I would like to thank each and everyone who played this season. It was such a fun season to host and watch! We look forward to bringing many many more exciting seasons!
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• 12/5/2016

Miguel's Jury Speech

Hello everyone!! First of all I want to thank TJ and Marty for being awesome as always. I had a great time this season and I'm really really excited to see this Final 3. 
Coming into this game I knew for a fact that having both Julia and Andrea on the same season would be really good or really bad. As soon as people found out we knew each other from real life I knew I would be targeted right away. 
I was really excited to share my org love with one of my best friends and I gotta say it's hilarious how we ended up going to parties and Andrea was the one too busy with her phone trying to strategize and survive the votes this time around while I was chilling on Ponderosa and getting drunk irl.
I thought I would have to protect Andrea all game long,I thought it was my job to include her on alliances, to tell people she was loyal, a good number and help her strategize but I ended up being wrong. I trully believe that her best game showed up when I was voted out.
Andrea was able to stay in a safe position during the whole merge. I mean the whole game. The only time that Andrea was in trouble was the very first impression's vote. And everyone jumped to protect her. It shows that she was great in building trust with the players. For someone who's never seen survivor, played any org before or even get all the rules of the game she mastered the social game and definitely deserve to be in the Final Tribal Council.
I couldn't be more proud and I would love her to win her very first game because I saw her really getting into it. It got to a point where she was really making sure she knew where the votes were going and that she was safe all along. That shows she was actually strategic, just not a power player since we all know what happens to them, you end up in the jury. She played to win, not to be a jury. And those final 2 immunity wins? She rocked it. and showed us all she had the strategic, phyisical and social game to outwit, outplay and outlast us all. 
It is pretty clear that I'm voting Andrea, but I'm not only voting Andrea because we're friends, I'm voting for her because I really believe that she played the best game out of the three people sitting there.
Orange,  I've seen your speech, your jury responses and all I can see is someone that is not embracing his game, his decissions and his moves. You seem to not trust yourself enough to win this. You're missing confidence in your responses and makes me believe that not even yourself think that you deserve to win this game.
My question for you is: Do you really think you played the best game possible you could've or do you have any regrets? 
Now Matt: Seems clear everyone on the jury hates you. We don't need to be rude, but seems like a consensus that people were not so happy with you, my question to you is: Do you really thought that having a crappy personality, lying to people, being obnoxious and other nasty things you did this game would get you the win? Or were you just playing to be a goat on FTC?
And Finally Andrea: Do you think that being new into this game helped you or hurt you. And why? 
That's all from me, thanks for the good season. Can't wait to see the results. Peace :)
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• 12/4/2016

Lennus's Jury speech.

Hey guys, first off I'd just like to say congratulations to our final 2, you've both done a great job to get to this point so kuddos to that. 
First off, Orange. You've gotten a loooot of flack from this jury about being Brian's sheep, however, I didn't nessicarily see that in the game, specifically in the  round I was booted since I know you and Brian DID NOT vote together that round and you ultimately did go against both of them so I will have no problem giving you my vote tonight. However, for that to happen I need you to prove to me and those other jurors how you were directly responsible for key boots such as Brians, Jakes, mine and any others you played a big role in. You're the underdog right now, but I love a good underdog story, and you were able to get someone to play an idol on you and get from being voted out to winning back and being in the final 2, so I really hope you can win my vote here.
Andrea, it's not surprising at all to see you get to this point honestly. Even before my boot I was already trying to prep for the fact that I saw you playing both sides because that round both Red and Jake told me "Ive got Andrea voting with us 100%". So when I got to the jury I was cheering for you since I thought you were playing a great utr game. Now, utr and goat are very different things though and that all comes down to game awareness. You had every advantage coming into this game, you were on the winning tribe, you had not 1 but two people who were never going to write your name down. So, for me I have a few questions. First off, why did you keep Miguel instead of Julez? Surely you knew Miguel had he gotten further would have been much much harder too beat, and he also plays more agressively thus making you risk losing someone who was for all intents and purposes an extra vote for you. Second, if you want my vote tonight  I need for you to prove to me beyond a reasonable doubt that you were aware of everything going on in that game and youre game was more then just telling people who saw you as a goat that you were with them. So, as we all know when survivor airs on tv we get less than 24 hours of actual footage because they just take the important plot points, rivalries ect. For you to prove to me that you were in the drivers seat, I want you to tell me what from this 39 day long game was important enough to make the tv edit. What plotpoints do they show? Who's the hero, who's the villain? Who gets blindsided the hardest? Who's going to win fan favourite, ect... If you  can show me that you were aware here you have a very good shot at getting my vote.
To both of you,  Compair each Juror sitting here to either a real survivor player, or a fictional character (Since iirc Andrea said she's only seen like 1 season of survivor). 
Good luck ya'll and I eagerly await your answers.
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• 12/4/2016

Andy's Jury Speech

Grad my vote if you want that and please convince me that you deserve it.
First Orange, I don't really know much about you except that you came back from Redemption and just float your way through the end which is impressive.
Now Andrea, you have been a sweetheart but you actually lack of socializing with me which I hope you do it more because I know I'm one hard cookie to approach.
Lastly Matt, you singlehandedly convince that you blindsided me but you are WRONG since during that tribal council, I'm expecting myself to go out so your rant about me getting blindsided is invalid since I seen it coming. Furthermore, I'm not in control in the game at all as you had said in your speech where I personally think that I'm more of a goat than everyone else left at the game. Social game wise, you did play it bad since I only talked to you at the swapped tribe and kind of have an alliance going but you completely blocked me out socially since the merge hit so your plead to having a great social game is furthermore INVALIDATED.
All 3 of you please convince me to the hardest about why you deserve to be the sole survivor and I will be listening.
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• 12/4/2016

Jake's Jury Speech!

Hello hello! First of all, thanks TJ and Martynas for a truly great season, it was a fantastic time.
However, I never said great PLAYERS. We'll go one by one each of you.
Orange - You made no moves in this game. You were a total sheep of Brians, you had no gameplay at all, and you don't deserve my vote. Point blank.
Matt - Oh boy oh boy :) Let's begin. First, in your speech you went to Linus first, which was UNTRUE, we did together. Me and Linus both realized that you were an unstable goat, perfect for us to take. As the merge comes, then you have the AUDACITY to say that you used you social relationships to survive the first merge vote, I call HORSESHIT. It was almost a unanimous agreement between us PLAYERS that you were going to be taken to the end no matter who went, because you wouldn't win.

So let's talk about your idol given to me. You couldn't keep your idol because you felt under fucking pressure? Are you kidding me? What kind of player can't hold onto an idol because they admit they are unstable. And instead of giving it to someone who could have helped you, you basically cowered like a spineless baby when I convinced (or, threatened really) you to give me the idol. That right there 
shows your social and strategic game are way off the charts.

 NOW, NOW, you tell me you had a hand in voting off Linus and Brian, no you fucking didn't. The Linus vote was split without you involved, but then you're going to tell me that you voted off BRIAN? BITCH, I told you to vote me, because I wanted to idol him out, you never had a part in that! And you didn't know about my idol either, even though you tried to bullshit me <3 You were already cowering in a private conversation, so you've got no chance here. You don't have mine or anybodys vote, it would be a complete and utter waste.
Andrea - Andrea <3 You know, I told you this, but I'll tell everyone else too; I thought Andrea was a sheep in this game, I did. Even right as I was voted off, but when I realized how much she had a part of, I realized I was wrong, we all were. Everyone in this game underestimated her to the point where she was everyone's go-to-girl, and she managed to take almost everyone one of us out, ALL THE WHILE looking harmless. To go from this random chick who's never played before, into a wolf in sheeps clothing, by winning the 2 final challenges, and being considered harmless when in reality, she was manipulating us! 
And so tonight, I plead to the jury. For anyone who might be on the fence between Andrea/Orange (Matt's not even considered lmfao), I ask you to take a moment, and realize who played the game of Survivor, and who was the one who voted us off? Who's the one that never got a single vote in this game? Orange and Matt are pityful, they are weak, and this season deserves a better winner; we can't let it end in any other way. If these 2 sheep played the same game, they deserve the same placement, because pity votes are an embarassment! I would be ASHAMED and DISGUSTED to not see Andrea get all 7 votes, because she is 100% the right choice to win. Don't waste your vote, make it count and make it the right one! (I voted as soon as Red was voted out!) 
With that being said, congratulations Andrea on winning de Noronha! It's been real fun game, but now, it's time to crown the deserving queen, the chosen one. Bye thanks for having me :)
- Jake
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• 12/4/2016


Hello, Hello F3...
Who would have thought that you three will end up here... hat's off to the three of you.
I don't have any question to the three of you, i'm not gonna be bitter or something I just wanna tell you how I see you guys play and this could help you in a way get some jury votes. I stayed in the game for 38 days, just a day short in getting "almost" Third ORG win so I think I kinda know how you guys played. 
Let me start with you Matt, basically Matt you're there because you're like Abi Maria, and I actually want to ask the hosts to change the title of the season from Survivor, De Noronha: Blood Vs Water to Survivor, De Noronha: Everybody Hates Matt. Everyone wants to keep you to secure their votes in the FTC. I don't know much about you and we worked kinda ok, you're sincere to me up unti Day 38 where you voted me out which totally breaks me, cause I open all my plans to you.. knowing (I thought) you're my most loyal ally. Andrea also voted me out, I know she did but she did it in the most respectful way, she told me that she will vote for me, but you didn't... you think lying to me and taking Orange in the FTC will gain you votes, i'm saying NO, YOU ARE NOT! when I left it was all Andrea not you, it was hers not yours. So as much as I want to give my vote to you (only because I thought you're loyal to me) i'm not gonna do that, not because you lied to me and you broke my trust but because you clearly didn't deserve any vote.
Orange, I've thrown your name a lot in my last day and for that i'm sorry, I didn't say shitty things to you though, I just say how great you played this game. Coming back from the Redemption Island to playing idol in the right time and surviving all the preceeding TC, you really outwitted, outplayed and outlasted us all and that's something you should be proud of, win or lose. You remind me of me in my old game, I did all that too but it's a F2 and unluckily I also got cut at Day 38, if you can defend yourself and own the moves that you did, you still got this... you can totally win this man. GOODLUCK!
Last but absolutely not the least Andrea, the understimated one, people may perceive you as weak, they might call you someone who just stand there and that you're just a number to them, but girl you're not like that. You are a player who can play us all, you may not be the flashy character this season but you're there, you're sitting right here in the end and that makes you as dangerous as we do. I feel like you give me and how I play this game a respect when you told me you're gonna vote with me and i'm happy for that. Thank you for being a great ally to me, i'll never forget that :) 
Also don't beat yourself up and say you're a wolf in a sheep's clothing, The Andrea that I know and I played here is a warrior not a sheep not wolf but a warrior who will do anything to survive. Tonight you got my vote, I hope others will vote for you as well. GOODLUCK GIRL AND THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING BOOT I CAN GET. <3 
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• 12/4/2016

Vote Andrea for Sole Survivor

First of all I dont plan to make a speech as long as that of Matt, well I hope ..
From the first day I was super nervous because it's my first game and I think most people know that. I felt super lost and the only "help" that I had was Julez my loved one and Miguel (who later all of you guys found out I was friends with him) The first person I spoke to was Jake and from the beginning I thought it's good to have a someone on my side since I didnt know what the system was like.
The days went by and as Matt says, the first alliance I was with was Miguel, Jake, Matt, Brian and I of course. But only for 2 days because the tribe Pedras Secas never lost.
My strategy for this game from the beginning was always "I'm new to this i need help" was more a plan to look good with everyone and have no enemies throughout the game, and apparently it works. I always ask everyone "you know something about the vote, I'm a little bit lost" when I knew who the other people were going to vote for, I just did it to get more information and in the end vote for whoever I want. Maybe for that reason my name came out the most honest in the Touchy Challenge. Because everyone thought i was lost and didnt know anything when it was not true. I was talking to some of you to get the final information.
Then, my new team was Miguel, Juelz, Mihai and Ian. (When there was team fusion) Everyone thought it was going to be easy because I was with 2 friends, but no. We were the only team that lost all the challenges, and We had to vote for one of the 3 (Miguel, Julez or me) So i decided to vote out Julez.
I am the only player who had to vote for their love one. (Sorry Julez) in that point in the game i was like "is me or her".
Also, I was the only one who never received a vote against me during the merger and the whole game, my name never came out.
They never had enough reason to get me out of this game. I think because everyone thought I was with them and they could do whatever they wanted with me. But i always vote like i wanted, maybe i didnt make many big moves, but my votes helped to get someone out of the game, i always vote with my gut feelings and not as they wanted me to do it.
Matt, thought he made me vote for Red in the last challenge, but my plan was to win this last challenge and vote out Red (sorry, Red) that was my final move, and it was not because Matt told me, is because i wanted since the beggining. And the final vote was mine and Red gone.
And to finish.
I gained two immunities followed and the 2 most importants
I deserve to win because I was a wolf with sheep clothes. And those are the most dangerous types of players. You all underestimated me, everyone thought I was with you. But in the end I'm the one sitting here and I deserve to win because I won. 

Thank you.
Andrea :3
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• 12/4/2016

The Fruit's Plea

Vsauce. Michael here.Its so weird to be in the finals! I don't really know what to say but Ill start with an overview of my game! On Day 1, I was really excited, but you guys don't care about that. The guy I mostly talked to pre-swap was Jake. After the swap, I was put on the newly formed Sela Gineta. When we lost immunity, I figured Johnny was an easy vote out, and obviously I was wrong. I got voted out. I won my first duel, and gave the immunity clue to Jake. I somehow manage to stay in the game, than get back in the game. I quickly realign with Jake, and I also align with Brian. Obviously, these two wanted me as their end game FTC goat! But since I figured I didn't have much of a chance getting voted out, I decided to just keep things like that until it was time to get both of them out. After Linus' vote off I approached Matt and told him we need to get Brian and Jake out, because underdogs rule! I knew Brian and Jake were targeting each other, so that was a piece of cake. After both Silly Brian and Silly Jake were gone (jks you both are sooper great) I was really terrified of the final 4. I tried on the awful Puzzle Black, but I accidentally closed my tab (i didn't have a lot anyway, I wouldn't have won). When Andrea won, I figured I needed to get Red out. I feel as he had played the game better than Matt.
I really feel bad for not having a strong social game. I really didn't speak to a lot of you guys privately but I typically am scared to initiate conversation, so my apologies for being silent (lmao why am I apologizing that won't change anybodies mind) I think I played a decent underdog game, and I honestly would love for you guys to vote for me! I am actually proud of how I played, which never actually happens. I really need to thank Purry. Without her, I wouldn't even be here and honestly she is one of my best friends, she is amazing. Peace out guys, thank you TJ, Isaac, and Marty for hosting, I enjoyed my time here so much.
Final stuff (rambling) - I thought this speech was much longer than it actually is. I have trouble lengthening speeches :/ Oh, and sorry for taking so long.                                                      
To my fellow finalists -
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• 12/3/2016

Vote Matt for Sole Survivor

Oh boy. My speech. Where should I begin? I might as well start from Day 1. My strategy going into this game on Day 1 was to put most of my focus on my Social game. I wanted to start off being likable and I think I did a pretty good job of that. I had a made a few friends on the tribe, and eventually, I was included in an alliance made by Miguel. An alliance which involved Myself, Miguel, Andrea, Brian, and Jake. I already had Final 2 deals with both Brina and Jake, But I wanted a little more security, so after I was put into this alliance, I made a Final 2 deal with Linus and started building a relationship with him as well. We had a target set up for the moment we lost a competition, but we never got the chance to do anything because we kept winning somehow.
Then, we go into the swap. Im sitting on this new Sela Gineta tribe with my buddy Linus, his partner Johnny, Orange, and Andy. As soon as we get there, Andy and I hit it off.  We forged an alliance and grew a nice bond with one another. From there, We created the Pedras Secas alliance involving myself, Andy, Orange, and Linus. At the time, though, I didn't really trust Orange. So I told Linus that I would be willing to work alongside him and Johnny. I then told Andy that we wanted to vote Orange out, and we did (despite the fact that I accidentally self voted. Oops). After that, Sela Gineta managed to win out the rest of the challenges and us 4 were strong going into the merge. Just prior to the merge though, I happened to find the Sela Gineta Idol.
So, Going into the merge, I have all my alliances still intact, and I felt incredibly safe until the idols started popping up. Those idols resulted in a 3 way tie at the merge between Myself, Red, and Drew. Luckily, I was able to use my relationships to save myself and vote Drew out of the game, despite Brian voting for me on the revote.
Next tribal is when things got tricky. You see, I was told my many people that Brian was the target, So, I decided that I would send my vote in early and voted for Brian. Mostly to get even after last vote. But, We go in there, and I see that the vote had flipped to Miguel. Jake had told me that he had flipped the vote at the last minute. That was when I realized that Jake had quite a bit of power. So, I started looking more into the other relationships everyone had, and what I saw was a power struggle between Jake, Brian, and Linus. I knew that if I got involved too much, I would be in trouble. So, I decided to keep my relationships strong with all 3 of them, which would keep all 3 of them from targeting me.
And then came what I considered to be my biggest move in the game. I had noticed that Andy was playing a key role in each player's games, but I also noticed that (no offense Andy) that he lacked a real personal connection with these guys. So, I used that to my advantage and swayed some people to vote for Andy. While I was doing that though, I went to Jake and told him the vote was gonna be him, which eventually resulted in him playing the Idol that I gave him earlier during my Idol Roulette game. He had lost his idol, and I was able to blindside my target. Andy going, and the idol out of play allowed me to take a good power position in the game. I became everyone's go to guy. I managed to keep up my relationships and continue strategizing with everyone left in the game.This allowed me the chance to blindside these 3 guys running the game. Voting off Linus, Brian, and eventually Jake. And then to finish the game, I used my strong relationship that I had with Andrea to vote off the last threat in the game, Red.
Now, I gotta admit. I had an absolute blast playing this game and getting to know each and every single one of you guys. You are all pretty awesome people. I cant wait to talk to you all some more once this is all said and done. Unfortunately, this is a game though where you need to backstab your friends in order to win. I did things that I hated doing. But, I made the moves anyway. I made the smartest moves that I could in order to get to where I am now. If I hurt you in some way, I am truly sorry for the things I did. I can only sit here and hope that you give me your vote to win. I believe that my game had a great balance of Social and Strategic play. I worked my butt off day in and day out. I hope you guys see that, and vote for me.
I know I probably forgot a few things, but feel free to ask me anything you'd like
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• 12/3/2016

Day 39 - Final Tribal Council

Welcome to the Final Tribal Council!

We now bring in the members of our Jury...

Miguel, RJ, Andy, Linus, Brian, Jake and Red voted out at the last Tribal Council.
Andrea, Matt, Orange... You've made it as far as you can get in this game. The power has now switched over to the Jury. These seven people will decide who is deserving of the title of Sole Survivor.Here are the rules:
First, the finalists will post their speeches on a thread titled, "Vote [Insert Name here]".
Then once ALL speeches have been posted the jury will each post a thread titled, "[Insert Name here]'s Jury Speech".
Once each juror feels they have the necessary information to make their vote they will submit it to the hosts via their Facebook chats.The deadline for the Finalists speeches is 12/3 11:00pm EST. The deadline for the Jurors speeches and votes is 48 hours after all the Finalist speeches have been posted. Send your votes to your Facebook chats.
With that... Let's begin the Final Tribal Council.
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• 12/2/2016

Day 38 - Tribal Council (Vencedora) RESULTS

I have the votes, guys...
MATT!ORANGE!RED!That's one vote Matt, one vote Orange and one vote Red. One vote left. I'll read the final vote...
And the eighteenth person voted out of Survivor: de Noronha and the seventh and final member of the Jury is...RED!Red, please bring me your torch...
Well guys, you three have battled and fought to get to this point and now the power shifts to the Jury. The seven people you each had a hand in voting out will now decide which of you three deserves the title of Sole Survivor. Please head back to camp and prepare for what should be an intense Final Tribal Council.
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• 12/2/2016

Day 38 - Tribal Council (Vencedora)

Vencedora, welcome to Tribal Council. Behind you is a torch, grab one and dip it into the pit to get fire. In this game, fire represents your life. When your fire's gone, so are you.

Now let's bring in the members of the Jury: Miguel, Richmond, Andy, Linus, Brian and Jake, voted out at the last Tribal Council...

Well guys, we have some unfortunate business here. Tonight, this tribe will vote one of its own out, as one of next players voted out of this game. Before we vote, I have jus one question for you:
Why do you deserve to go to the Final Tribal Council of this season?With that, it is time to vote. Andrea is the only person you can not vote for. Once you send in your vote, it is final. Please send your vote to your Facebook chat by 12/2 8:00pm EST.
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• 12/2/2016

Day 38 - Final Immunity Challenge RESULTS

I have the results, guys. The winner of the legendary Puzzle Black and the person who guarantees themselves a spot at the Final Tribal Council is...With a score of 27%...ANDREA WINS FINAL IMMUNITY!!!
Congrats Andrea! You now will have a chance to argue your case for the title of Sole Survivor! As for you three, Matt, Orange and Red, one of you will be the seventh and final member of our Jury. Please head back to camp and figure out how you will be voting on this very important vote.
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• 11/30/2016

Day 38 - Final Immunity Challenge

Welcome to your Final Immunity Challenge...
Andrea, Matt, Orange, Red. You are the Final Four of this season and now all that stands in your way of making the Final Tribal Council is this challenge. You guys have battled all season long and it all comes down to this.
For the Final Immunity Challenge of Survivor: de Noronha - Blood vs Water will be none other than the legendary The Puzzle Black! This is 300 pieces of rotating hell that will test your patience and your will to win. The winner of this challenge will guarantee themselves a spot before the Jury in which they will argue their case for the title of Sole Survivor. It all comes down to this. The deadline for this challenge is 12/1 9:00pm EST. That's 48 hours to tackle this ungodly task.
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• 11/29/2016

Day 37 - Tribal Council (Vencedora) RESULTS

I have the votes, guys...
*Matt stands up*

Im about 99% sure its fake, But, This is the last chance to play it. So, I might as well play it on Orange.

This is NOT an official Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes for Orange WILL count...*Red stands up*

I'm playing this on Orange.

This is once again NOT an official Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes for Orange WILL count...*Red stands up*

I'm think I'm going to play this one on myself then.

This IS an official Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes for Red will NOT count...
JAKE!ORANGE!JAKE!ORANGE!That's two votes Jake and two votes Orange. I'll read the last vote...And the seventeenth person voted out of Survivor: de Noronha and the sixth member of the Jury is...JAKE!Jake, please bring me your torch...
Well guys, you are one Final Immunity Challenge away from facing a Jury of players you all had a hand in voting out. Prepare for an intense few days. Head back to camp. Good night.
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• 11/29/2016

Day 37 - Tribal Council (Vencedora)

Vencedora, welcome to Tribal Council. Behind you is a torch, grab one and dip it into the pit to get fire. In this game, fire represents your life. When your fire's gone, so are you.

Now let's bring in the members of the Jury: Miguel, Richmond, Andy, Linus and Brian, voted out at the last Tribal Council...

Well guys, we have some unfortunate business here. Tonight, this tribe will vote one of its own out, as one of next players voted out of this game. Before we vote, I have a few questions for you:
With tonight being the last night to play any Hidden Immunity Idols, do you think we will see one played?
How do you feel about your chances of winning this game are?
Being so close to the end, will the person leaving tonight understand the move or be angry about coming so close, yet so far away?With that, it is time to vote. Andrea is the only person you can not vote for. Once you send in your vote, it is final. Please send your vote to your Facebook chat by 11/29 8:00pm EST.
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• 11/28/2016

Day 37 - Reward/Immunity Challenge RESULTS

I have the results, guys. The winner of Individual Immunity and this awesome Lagoon Picnic Trip is...With a total of 11 guesses...ANDREA WINS INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY!!!
Congrats Andrea! Not only are you safe from being voted out at Tribal Council, you also won a Lagoon Picnic Trip! Please select one other player to join you in this Reward. As for the rest of you, time to figure out your strategy cause someone is about to get voted out and become the sixth member of the Jury. Head back to camp and figure your vote out.
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• 11/28/2016

Day 37 - Reward/Immunity Challenge

Well guys, today you will be playing for both Reward and Individual Immunity!
Today you will be playing A Lot In A Name! It's simple enough. Here are the rules:

Arange a date with a host in your Confessional chat.
Pick a number between 1 and 478.
You are asking yes or no questions to figure how the name of a canon Survivor player (seasons 1-32).
Once you believe you have the correct player, you can guess the name. For every incorrect guess of a name, you are penalized five points.
Player with the least amount of guessing will win Immunity!Player with the lowest amount of guesses will win Reward and a spot in the Final Four of this game! The deadline for this challenge is 11/28 10:00pm EST. Got it?
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