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Vote For Cali!

Hello to all the jurors and viewers, coming live from the final tribal council where the bish is still here (yasss werk and all that). So I wanted to keep this speech very direct and to the point, but also somewhat original, not just a speech documenting everything I did chronologically. So coming into this game, my goal was always to find a couple people who I could just lock in with, and then attempt to maneuver to the finals. And that may sound like an easy ass plan, but with the bumps and turns that I experienced on the way, it was no way easy. On my original tribe I made connections with Julez, and Miguel, and also Tom. We were the majority alliance on the tribe so with that I had fulfilled the first part of my mission. Sadly going into the merge Julez was sadly cut before hand. Once we hit merge, I was ready to just hit the ground running and start making moves. However that first vote where I found out several of my former tribe mates were conspiring against me kind of made me take a step back into a viewer position. But not my all game was just "under the radar". At Mihais vote off I attempted to make a move against my 2 allies Sam and Miguel and vote off Ian. However I knew that if Miguel found out that I had done this, and if the rock draw had ended bad then my ass would be going home next. So with that I told Miguel and he stole my vote. And then flash to final 4 where Miguel wanted to vote off Sam because he thought Ian was going to be easy for both of us to beat at the end, that was more so me wanted to kind of make my own story. I was stepping away from what Miguel wanted me to do, and show people that I'm not just the follower.also due to the fact that I had played the whole game with these two others and I wanted to finish it that way. Well thank you for your time, and if you have any questions please let me know (also someone drag me pls ♥)

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Also sorry this does not have fancy font/ setup. At a conference right now so having to do this all on my phone.

Cali the other two players stated the Juries names and how they were taken out but you didnt :O

I think you played the sheep card this game. 

Sheeps job is to do what they are told.

You seemed to do that. If you would have pulled that stuff off as you stated to me a couple rounds ago I would of thought differant. But you made no big moves.

Please tell me 5 Big mooves you made in this game.

And Please rank the Juries from 1 - 7 1 the best ;)

Here's the thing, I personally don't think that you big moves are what solely wins you this game. For me in partcular, the quiet indirect moves I made were just as great in the long run as an idol play or a vote steal. These would include:

1. Before this I did not know Julez, however I immediately tried to make a bond with (mostly because she is a queen) but also because I knew she was someone who could be utilized down the road.

2. My "attempt" to flip to you and Mihai, this was completely a solo move for myself, and that was I could try and insure that neither of you had an idol, and also so that if I was able to get the vote to be Ian at that tribal, I could then maneuver between that alliance and my other alliance of Sam and Miguel

3. My fake tension that I created on your vote off was to also ensure that if there was a slight possibility of you having the idol, it would not be used.

4. While I was not involved of the planning of this move, voting out Tom was a make or break decision for me. I had more trust in him than I probably had in Sam or Miguel, so when a wild Miguel appeared and told me why he wanted to do it I definitely had to think before voting. I ultimately went through with it just because I know how much of a beast he his.

5. My decision to play such an under the radar game would also be a move. From what I was seeing Miguel seemed to cut Tom off so damn fast that I knew I had to lay low and be careful what I told him or else I would be next.

And what basis would you like me to do a ranking on? :)

Also the reason why I did not include that in my initial speech is because personally I feel like that's such a cop out to list everyone who went out in your speech and go through your game like that. And while my speech isn't going to be winning any golden globe awards soon, I did try to make mine more about my gameplay, not a history book of my game. If any of you jurors do have any questions about your vote off you are free to ask :)

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