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Jordan's Jury Speech

First off, congrats. 

Miguel, pretty much, the jury hates you. They're deliberating between Cali and Sam for the most part. But I don't see the bitterness. To me, you played a good game, but I'm still unsure of who to vote. Explain to me why they shouldn't be bitter because I might be the only one to vote you, and as of now they aren't even considering it.

Sam and Cali, to me, you both played the same game. My question to both of you is what differentiates your game from each other?

Good game, you all deserve it!!!

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Hey Jordan, thank you for your words.

I don't think they should be bitter because I never intended to be mean or nasty in this game, all I did was make the moves that I thought would give me the best chance to go far and win the game. I couldn't tell the truth all the time because then I would've risked being screwed over by idols, so the fact that they're not considering voting for me is a bit harsh imo. Hopefully you think of me deserving and give me your vote though, I would really appreciate it!

Hey Jordan,

As I mentioned in my response to Jino's Speech, my game differs from Sam's due to the fact that I was always looking for some sort of way to mix things up. And on top of this, I feel as though once I would make a connection with someone I would make them feel so certain that I would be loyal to the no matter, but what they would be mistaken is that for most of this game I really was playing for myself. My descision to use the vote blocker on Shannon was to establish a strong base of trust with Miguel to give him a piece of this loyalty. However literally next tribal I switched things up just like that even tried to to keep Mihai. I would have carried through with this, but I figured that if I could get Miguel to use his vote blocker as soon as possible, that would ensure that farther down the rode he couldn't have the chance to use that for something that could end up voting myself out. 

If you have any other questions just let me know


Okay so I kinda agree with Cali with the differences on the most part. I saw that what I had with Miguel was strong, so I could easily flipped and worked with you Shannon and Mihai, and trust me I did consider it just like Cali did, but before actually acting upon it, I used my head and figured out that if I did flip, I don't think I would be at this final tribal council, let alone with a jury that would even consider voting for me. I believe this in retrospect represents my game, I was the brain behind the operation, but I didn't limit myself to that, for example, I happily engaged in mine and shannons tribe chat conflicts, partly because it was fun, and partly because it put more of a spotlight on me. By no account do I want to be seen as a follower, which I am not, let me say that now. I took initiative in the votes I made. And every vote I did make wasn't for Miguel or Cali, even though they're great <3, it was for me, and me alone so I could work my way to the final tribal council.

And also, may I just say, if some of you have the idea that I was merely Miguels "follower", then why oh why would he try to knock me off at final 4? Surely if I was just following, I wouldn't stand a chance at the FTC and he would keep me. The reason for this is because Miguel knew I wasn't his follower. So label me if you want, sure. Just let the evidence speak for itself

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