Hei. Congrats.

I will start with Sam. I'd wish you would've at least replied to my message, not only see them, but I'd like to think you didn't want to lie to me and that's why you preferred the silence mode. Also, I voted for you at the merge, so I had no expectation from you to save me. I will not vote for you.

Miguel, before this game I thought that the most important thing in survivor was timing. I was a bit wrong, since the most important thing is balance. Never lie too much,never be too honest, never be too confident. You were so cocky during this game. I thought that maybe that was your strategy to make people think the jury will hate you, but you were cocky in your speech as well. I'm sorry I ever trusted you in this game. I think your lies were so unecessary and just left me soooo dissapointed because I really thought you were genuine, and now there's absolutely no way you'll get my vote. I'd rather vote for Sam and I don't like Sam, that's how much I disliked your actions in the game. You may have been a challenge beast, you may have had advantages that you played right, but at the end of the day, survivor is also a social game and a game where you know have to know how to manage the jury not only at FTC, but also before they leave. And you sucked at that. You took out everyone who wasnt useful to you and you probably thought you'll take two goats at the end and you'll win. Even with a 7-0-0 vote. I'm almost sure you think you have this in the bag, but watch out, some bags have cracks and victory could easily slide away. And for the future, don't forget you're playing this games with people, stop treating us like something else. I will not vote for you.

Cali. When the merge came, I was the one who voted for Sam because I just couldn't vote against you after we had just talked that day and told you I like you and wanna work with you. I'm so glad that my vote, somehow, helped you get here. I think you should win, you knew how to fly under the radar, never were a real target and you tried to help us. You didnt lie when you didnt had to and you have the advantage of being the likeable contestant in this final. I hope you'll use this to the maximum and win this. You have my vote.

I decided not to ask any questions, because I know everything I need to know in order to vote. This FTC is a lot like samoa. We have a cocky guy who thought he'll win for sure and took cali as his goat who could never beat him, we have sam who didn't do much and just voted with miguel the entire game and we have cali, who made it here because she knew how to make others think she doesnt have a chance and built relationships in this game instead of ruining them.