Hey guys, welcome to Redemption Island. Before we begin the duel, I have something BIG to mention. Everyone, DROP...




You guys have officially merged! Please come up with a new tribe name and choose a color for your newly merged tribe!

Edvin, Adam, Malik. You have reached the final Redemption Island checkpoint. From here on out, Redemption Island is no more. Two of you three are about to re-enter the game and continue your quest for the title of Sole Survivor, while the other will be permanently eliminated from this game...


For today's Duel, you will be playing a fun game known as Hand on a Hard Idol! Whenever you want to begin, you will message your Confessional Chat saying "*I hold onto the idol*" including the asterisks and the capital "I". It must be posted exactly like it is here.

You will then continue to post "*I hold onto the idol*" every ten minutes from when you posted your first post.

So for example, if I posted at 6:09 PM, the next time I would post would be at 6:19 PM. Then the next time would be 6:29 PM, etc.

You MUST post on the EXACT minute mark. If you are off even by 1 minute, you will drop out of this challenge.

A host does not need to be on for you to start this challenge, you can start it and complete it on your own time.

If you are still doing this challenge after the deadline, you will be stopped and judged based on every post you completed before the deadline. Player who holds on the longest will win the Duel and select from the two losing players one to return to the game along side of them. The deadline for this duel is 8/4 9:00PM EST. Easy enough, right?