Hey guys! Mihai, I’ll take that back. Today, you guys will be playing for an awesome Boat Ride Cookout reward and for this...


Sweet, sweet Individual Immunity. In order to win Immunity, you must be the last man standing in today’s challenge: Ladder Drop! It's an easy enough challenge. Each one of you will come up with a list of your fellow tribe mates, in order of who you trust the most to who you trust the least. One through seven. Whoever submits their list first will start this challenge off. Whoever is last on the first player's list is eliminated. The player listed as the second to last will be the player who's list is up next. This will go on and on until only one player remains...

EXAMPLE: TJ, Martynas, Isaac, Jordan and Jino are playing. TJ goes first. His list is: Martynas, Isaac, Jordan and Jino. Jino is eliminated and Jordan's list is next. Jordan's list is: TJ, Martynas and Isaac. Isaac is last and eliminated. Martynas' list is next. By default TJ is eliminated and Martynas wins!

Easy enough, right? Please send your lists to your Confessional chats by 8/9 8:00pm EST. Got it?