Hey guys, how's everyone doing today? For today's challenge you will be playing for both Reward and this..

Immunity idol

Sweet, beautiful Immunity. Today's challenge is called Light My Fire! It's simple enough. Each tribe will be given a Facebook chat in which they must do the following:

One member will post "Lights torch for (tribe name) and passes it to (tribe member)" the member they pass it to will then post "takes torch from (member they received torch from) and passes it to (tribe member)" this process goes on until only one member remains. The last member must post "takes torch from (tribe member) and lights fire for (tribe name)".

This is a timed challenge so the tribe that finishing the quickest will win Immunity and an Ice Cream Party! If neither tribe finishes, the winner will be decided by who is the closest to completion!


There is a twist! Of course there's a twist, right? We would like to take this time and introduce the Trading Post twist! This twist involves a player from the winning tribe trading places with a member of the losing tribe. The winning player ("The Trader") is immune at Tribal Council and will cast a vote as a member of the losing tribe. The traded player is sent off to Exile Island where they will stay until the next Immunity Challenge. In order to become the "Trader", you must complete a certain task within the Immunity Challenge. For this challenge, you must be the third player to post in order to become the "Trader". Got it? The deadline for this challenge is 7/22 5:00PM EST.